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Though the Front Room Press was only founded in September 2007 the shop itself consists of large remnants of three other New Jersey and Pennsylvania print shops and seeks to carry on their legacies.



My name is Richard Polinski and I live in Milford, NJ. After many years of having printing as a passive interest, late last year I was finally inspired to begin pursing it as a serious hobby. This was partly due to a desire to do something different from woodworking and my other hobbies and learn another traditional craft using traditional methods. Another reason was my desire to create those things I had always admired and that had fascinated and inspired me.



It may or may not come as a surprise that my shop is located in what most people quaintly call their living room. There is in fact no living room left, the press, imposing table, type cabinets, paper, and other ubiquitous print shop paraphernalia taking up most of the available space. It was either that or the damp basement which was of course not an option.

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