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Introduction To Letterpress: One of the first sites I explored when I started my research on printing and how I should get started. A great site in every way and I'm extremely indebted to it. I highly recommend this as a first stop for beginners BEFORE you buy anything.

Another great site that I am registered on and I visit every day because of its very active discussion forum. Another site I found early on and that was of great help in giving me guidance on how to get things moving.

I'm very fortunate to live only five miles from Alan, the proprietor of this excellent press and museum. He's not only a really nice guy but very knowledgeable and helpful with regard to printing and a host of other subjects. His site is very interesting and informative and I found especially helpful his photos and now a description of disassembling and moving out of a basement a C&P 8 x 12 OS press. I would have had a much harder time moving mine without that assistance.

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